OTC Antihistamines Shown to Reduce Severity of Cancer in Patients Under ImmunotherapyHealth Tips

[ad_1] Immunotherapy aims to cure cancer by turning the immune system into an ally against cancer cells. For many years, scientists have focused on many ways of improving immunotherapy to make it more effective. But now, a new study claims that using over-the-counter antihistamines can improve outcomes for cancer patients under immunotherapy.   Antihistamine destroyed … Read more

Drinking Alcohol Can Trigger This Rare Lymphoma Cancer Symptom in Young PeopleHealth Tips

[ad_1] Moderate consumption of alcohol does not cause much damage to the body. However, too much is always bad that even at a young age many people would suffer from its adverse side effects at least once in their lifetime. On the other hand, extremely rare cases might trigger some symptoms of cancer when young people … Read more

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