What is diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are a special kind of socks.  Diabetic socks are specially made for keeping feet dry. It works by decreasing the risk of a foot injury and enhance blood circulation. They are a vital part of foot care. It is an important aspect of diabetes managing for the potential damage of the nervous and circulatory systems.

diabetic socks
diabetic socks

When someone affected by high blood sugar levels then taking care of the feet becomes very important. Excess moisture may lead to a tendency of fungal infections in your feet and encourage bacterial growth. This disease and as well as other problems in the legs of diabetics can be avoided by putting on special diabetic socks.

I have listed some of the benefits or advantages of putting on diabetes socks. Anyone can buy those shoes from a departmental store or online. If you are suffering from diabetes Take a look at them and take special care of your feet.

Benefits or advantages of diabetic socks

  • These help to keep your feet dry which protects your feet from infection and prevents the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses in the moisture.
  • These socks have extra padding to protect your legs from cuts and minor injuries.
  • They maintain proper blood flow to your feet and help keep your feet warm.
  • Diabetes socks make you feel comfortable even if you wear shoes for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes socks supply  heat without any restrictions. It works to enhance blood flow. diabetes results in poor blood flow in the legs. so  it is important not to shrink  the blood vessels there. Lastly, diabetic socks defend against foot injuries with lots of cushions.

Government sources refer  cotton and wool made  socks for diabetic patients to help keeping foot dry. They also reinforce the necessity to wear socks at all times. Many of them do not suggest  specific fabric . but they always recommend that people avoid tight socks.

Diabetic socks are specially made to keep foot dry. Thus  the chance  or risk of foot injury  becomes lower .And blood circulation will be better . In diabetes blood sugar levels becomes high. They are the main point of foot care, which is an important aspect of diabetes management for potential damage to the nervous and circulatory systems caused .

Compression socks is used to avoid discomfort and increase circulation to maintain blood flow normal in your feet and legs. Diabetic compression stockings show light to tolerable  graduated compression. That means the highest  support of the garment is at the ankles, and gradually low towards the top (close to the knee)

Wearing socks in bed is the best and safe way to keep your foot warm all night. Other methods also can be used like  rice socks, a hot water bottle, or a heating blanket. But these methods  may cause you to overheat or get burned.

Non-constricting: The diabetic socks should not be tight. It should be non-constricting and have a super elastic design. In fact, they must  be loose to the point where you feel them!. Tight socks can stop circulation. This might be dangerous for them who suffer from blood circulatory problems.

People with diabetes usually first time feel the symptoms like numbness, pain, or tingling in their feet and lower leg. Although more research is to be done. Some evidence show  that massage therapy may help many  patient with diabetes manage neuropathy symptoms.

Diabetic neuropathy alter the nerves in your feet. That makes you unable to feel if a heating pad or bath water is too hot— and you could end up getting burned. The best and safest way to keep diabetic feet warm is to put on a toasty pair of socks. Those  socks are made of moisture –wicking materials.

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