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Fish oil is obtained from fish specially from sea fishes. Fish oil benefits play a vital in our body building and  growth .

fish oil benefits


What is fish oil?

Fish oil is made from fish tissue. Fish Oil consists of  omega 3, fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. However, since the amount of Omega 3 is the highest, so fish oil is also called Omrga 3 Oil. The omega-3 oils that are available in the market are fish oil.

Take a look at the nutritional value of fish oil –

One teaspoon of fish oil contains everything

Calories – 6

Fat – 5 grams

Sodium – 0 mg

Fiber – 0 grams

Sugar – 0 grams

Protein – 0 g

Vitamin D – 9DV

Omega 3 fatty acids – 1064 mg

Omega 6 fatty acids – 8 mg

Special Note: These nutritional measurements may vary depending on the species of fish.

The role of fish oil in good health

Fish Oil is very beneficial for health. From keeping the heart healthy to developing the baby, from losing weight to overcoming fatigue – Fish oil is used to keep our body healthy in many ways.

Let’s find out  some of them

1. Helps to keep the heart healthy

Another fish oil benefits is to helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Also ensures that the cardiovascular system will work properly. In fact, fish oil lowers triglyceride levels, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 fatty acids help control blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and help cure any heart block.

fish oil benefits


2. Helps to cure prostate cancer

It is important to eat fish oil as a rule to prevent deadly diseases like cancer. Being an omega-3 fatty acid, it helps your body’s normal and healthy cell division. Regularly playing fish oil (capsules) makes it easier to prevent breast, colon and prostate cancer.


3. Helps in emotional development

We do various things to keep our body healthy. From exercise to a variety of physical exercises, changes in eating habits – everything. However, we do not give much importance to mental health. As a result, mental development is often not good. Mental problems such as stress, anxiety, etc. are also seen. To get rid of all these problems or to avoid all these problems, it is important to eat fish oil regularly. Since fish oil contains omega 3, it is also very useful to increase memory, but fish oil is very useful.


4. Helps to increase fertility

Men get some fish oil benefit .But fish oil is very beneficial in increasing the fertility of men. Omega-3 helps in increasing sperm which is very helpful in increasing male fertility. Not only men, Fish Oil also helps to increase the fertility of women.


5. Fish oil benefits during Pregnancy

During pregnancy fish oil benefit plays very vital rule.During pregnancy,  many doctors advise expectant mothers to take fish oil capsules. Since it contains omega-3 fatty acids, you can understand how beneficial it is for the development of the baby. The role of fish oil is not only in the development of baby’s brain but also in the development of baby’s eyes. In addition, playing with fish oil during pregnancy helps prevent premature delivery and other risks.

fish oil benefits


6 Helps reduce diabetes

Lately the incidence of disease in our lives has increased so much that we are all very distressed. But most diseases are the result of our irregular lives. Diabetes is just such a problem. This disease occurs when the level of insulin in the blood increases. Many scientists believe that the omega-3 present in fish oil helps to maintain the balance of insulin in the blood and thus creates the possibility of avoiding the outbreak of diabetes.


7. Good for Alzheimer’s

Fatty acids stored in fish oil are essential for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a university study. Alzheimer’s is a disease where after a certain period of time or age the patient with this disease starts to forget everything. Did you know that fish oil contains EPA and DHA? It contains essential fatty acids, which help treat Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies have also shown that fish oil is beneficial for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


8. Help reduce arthritis pain

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